Axiad ID Introduces Number Matching
  • 25 Oct 2023
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Axiad ID Introduces Number Matching

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Article summary

Introducing Number Matching in the Axiad ID App

Available early November 2023

At Axiad, we’ve enhanced our Axiad ID authenticator app to include number matching, which is designed to bolster security against MFA attacks. These attacks are a type of social engineering attack where a bad actor bombards a victim’s phone with authentication requests in the hopes that the victim will approve one of them by mistake, or approve one of them to stop the requests from coming in.

As part of our larger effort to extend the range of options to help organizations improve their MFA security posture and reduce their risk exposure, number matching seamlessly elevates Axiad ID’s security capabilities to prevent account takeovers or unwanted access to critical resources. 

In this era of digital threats, by enabling users to fortify their online presence and identity with a simple prompt and response, we give control back to users.

Enable Number Matching

New Customers

All new customers will have number matching enabled by default in the Axiad ID app.

Existing Customers

Reach out to Customer Success so we can enable it for your organization. Once enabled, you can then have your users update their app to the latest version to experience the enhanced security of number matching. 

How It Works

When you authenticate with the updated app, you'll be presented with a numeric code, which you enter into the Axiad ID app code prompt.


  1. Begin your application's sign-in process.
  2. A numeric code generates on the screen.
  3. Open your Axiad ID app on your mobile device and validate that you're attempting to sign into the account.
  4. Enter the code presented on the screen.
  5. Once the number matches, Axiad ID validates that it's you signing in.
  6. You're validated and signed into your application.

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