Axiad UCMS (on premises)
  • 25 Jan 2024
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Axiad UCMS (on premises)

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Article summary

What is Axiad Unified Credential Management System?

Deployed as an on-premises offering, Axiad Unified Credential Management System (UCMS) provides unified, consistent, and efficient credential management for end users by streamlining the management of your Enterprise authentication credentials. It combines high-security with a user-centric design to allow for a painless rollout of passwordless (or other multi-factor authentication) method in your environment.

With support for all authentication credentials across the organization, the product automates lifecycle credential management at scale and everywhere needed. Axiad UCMS helps large organizations with very high security needs or very significant on-premises application investments to enhance security while minimizing IT overhead.

What are the Key Features?

Device Management

UCMS supports a wide selection of devices such as:

  • YubiKeys
  • smart cards
  • USB tokens carrying several credential types (such as PKI, PIV, OTP, and FIDO U2F)


UCMS supports GlobalPlatform secure communication – HSM integration to ensure end-to-end secure communications with the device, and no exposure of cryptographic material.

Compliance and Regulation

UCMS meets compliance needs required by many regulations and mandates, including:

  • FIPS 201
  • FIPS 140-2
  • GDPR
  • NIST SP800-171
  •  NIST SP800-63B

Integration with Your Ecosystem

UCMS provides easy integration with your ecosystem:

  • Connectors for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft CA and other third-party PKIs
  • Standards-based for provisioning and authentication, including:
    • SCIM 2.0
    • SAMLv2
    • OAuth
    • OpenID
    • OpenID Connect
    • SCIM
  • Rich REST APIs for deeper integration.


  • Set up operators, manage access, and define roles for fine-grain, delegated administration.
  • Configure source repositories, authentication methods, device profiles, certificate authorities, audit logs, security keys in your HSMs, and more in a central location.

Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire credential lifecycle of all credential types within a single platform. Actions include: 

  • certificate/device issuance
  • PIN change, reset, and unlock
  • suspension
  • reactivation
  • renewal
  • replacement
  • revocation


  • Actions performed via the portals, and requests sent via the APIs, are audited to your database or syslog.

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