Enable Azure AD Credential Dashboard
  • 16 Jul 2024
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Enable Azure AD Credential Dashboard

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Article summary

If you would like to enable an Azure AD Credential Dashboard in your Axiad Cloud tenant, you must set up your Azure AD Client ID/Secret. 

Once you complete this procedure and send the required data to Axiad, we will configure the Azure AD Credential Server workflow and complete the enablement process.

Set Up Your Azure AD Client ID/Secret

  1. Sign into Azure Active Directory as a Global administrator.

  2. Select Azure Active Directory from the left menu.

  3. Select App registrations.

  4. Click + New Registration.

  5. In the Name field, enter Axiad Cloud App Registration.

  6. For Supported account types, select Accounts in this organizational directory only.

  7. Leave the Redirect URL blank.

  8. Click Register.
    Once the new registration is created, you are automatically redirected to it.

  9. Click API permissions.

  10. In the middle of the screen, click + Add a permission.

  11. Select Microsoft Graph.

  12. Select Application permissions.

  13. Type userauth in the search box.

  14. Expand UserAuthenticationMethod.

  15. Check the boxes next to both UserAuthenticationMethod.Read.All and UserAuthenticationMethod.ReadWrite.All.

  16. Type application in the search box.

  17. Expand Application.

  18. Check the boxes next to both Application.Read.All and Application.ReadWrite.All.

  19. Type directory in the search box.

  20. Expand Directory.

  21. Check the box next to Directory.Read.All.

  22. Click Add permissions to confirm the permissions were added successfully.

  23. In the middle of the page, click Grant admin consent.

  24. Click Yes.

  25. Confirm all permissions have a green check next to them:

  26. Select Certificates & secrets.

  27. Click + New client secret.

  28. In the Description field, enter Axiad Cloud.

  29. In the Expires field, enter 24 months.

  30. Click Add.

  31. Copy Expires, Value and Secret ID for later use.

  32. Click Overview.

  33. Copy Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID for later use.

  34. Securely provide the following values to your Axiad support contact:

    • Directory (tenant) ID

    • Application (client) ID

    • Value

    • Secret ID

    • Expires


Axiad will inform you when these values have been added to your Axiad Cloud tenant, and when the enablement process is complete.

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