Unified Portal Operator Guide
  • 11 Jun 2024
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Unified Portal Operator Guide

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Article summary

As an Operator, you can configure Axiad Cloud's features for your workforce, access all of the same features as end users, and administer various tasks to multiple users (depending on your tier level).

  • Tier 1 Operators can access:
    • the Unified Portal
      • all actions on the MyIdentities page
      • all actions on the MyCircle page (if enabled on their site)
      • some actions on the Help Desk page
      • some actions on the Reporting page
  • Tier 2 Operators can access:
    • all of the Unified Portal
    • the Operator portal
    • the PKIaaS portal (if applicable)

Discover your Role

Once you sign into Axiad Cloud:

  1. In the top right corner, click the arrow next to your name.
  2. Select Account.
    View your user role on the ROLE row:
    • ROLE_SELF: End user only 
    • ROLE_TIER1_OPERATORS: Tier 1 Operator
    • ROLE_TIER2_OPERATORS: Tier 2 Operator

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