Revoke Multiple Devices
  • 28 Jun 2024
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Revoke Multiple Devices

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When you revoke a device, you invalidate all credentials it contains. If a credential is a certificate, the serial number is added to the Certificate Revocation List (CRL), which is maintained by the Issuing Certificate Authority (either in Axiad Cloud or in your environment, depending on how your Enterprise is set up). Once revoked, and once the CRL service checks the CRL, you can no longer use the certificate.


Revocation is final and cannot be undone.

Revoke Multiple Devices

  1. From the Help Desk > Devices page, enter the serial number of the device or a username in the Search box.

  2. From the search results, select individual devices in the list, or check Select All.

  3. Click Bulk Actions.

  4. Select Revoke.

  1. Once completed, you will be redirected back to the Help Desk page, and all selected identity devices will revoke upon your Certificate Revocation List service's caching refresh schedule.


  • Depending upon your service provider's Certificate Revocation List caching refresh schedule, certificate revocations could take up to 30 days. Check with your CRL service (such as Azure, Okta, or Ping) or your IT administrator to validate the caching refresh schedule.

  • If the operation is time-sensitive, consider disabling the user account in any critical systems.

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