AirLock 2.3 Release Notes
  • 01 Apr 2024
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AirLock 2.3 Release Notes

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Article Summary

AirLock 2.3

New Feature

Custom User-Agent

By default AirLock identities as a standard Chrome browser when interacting with an Identity Provider. With this release it can now identify as “AxiadAirlock” instead. This allows you to refine further your authentication flow, and enforce or bypass specific policies when a user is authenticating through AirLock.


This option is exposed through a registry setting, and can pushed to existing deployment using GPOs. Updated administrative templates will be delivered alongside this release.


Support for ADFS 3.0 (Windows Server 2012)

AirLock can now be used in conjunction with this older version of ADFS. Windows Server 2012 is reaching end of life, and we therefore strongly urge you to upgrade to the latest version or to a more modern Identity Provider as soon as possible.

Updated prerequisites

AirLock now requires:

  • Visual C++ Redistributable 2019 (64-bit) or above (link)

  • Axiad WebPCSC component 1.5.5 or above installed (as Administrator/for all users) 

Supported Operating Systems

The list of officially supported operating systems is now:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise - 21H2, 22H2 

  • Microsoft Windows 11 Enterprise - 21H2, 22H2

Bug Fixes


  • Users will be able to issue devices in environments where the group policy “Prevent access to registry editing tools“ is enforced. (PM-6601)

Patch Releases


Ref ID





Bug Fix

AirLock can successfully enter kiosk mode if IdP does not support CORS


Bug Fix

Portal extension loads correctly when the GPO settings are set to restrict registry access

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