Axiad WebPCSC
  • 02 May 2023
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Axiad WebPCSC

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Article Summary

What is Axiad WebPCSC?

Axiad WebPCSC is a software that works with the Axiad Portal Extension (our browser extension) to issue any certificate-based identity device that connects to your computer, such as:

  • smart cards (for example, IDEMIA and Gemalto smart cards),
  • security devices (for example, Feitian and Yubico devices), or
  • TPM-bound (such as Virtual Smart Cards and Windows Hello for Business).
  • You must install the WebPCSC software to use the Axiad Portal Extension, and you must install the Axiad Portal Extension if you use any of the above-mentioned devices.
  • Axiad WebPCSC is not required for FIDO2, OTP, or Axiad ID credentials.

How Does It Work?

Axiad WebPCSC software provides the Axiad Portal Extension (our browser extension) low-level access to certificate-based identity devices (such as a YubiKey or smart card). This allows connection from these identity devices to the Axiad portals (the Unified Portal, the Operator portal, and the Support portal).

What Axiad Cloud Packages Require Axiad WebPCSC?

Can I Automatically Install and Deploy This for My Users?

Yes, you can automatically install and deploy Axiad WebPCSC for your users.

For Windows

  • The Axiad WebPCSC is installed via an .msi file, which supports all standard MSI configuration options. This .msi file does not offer any custom installation options.
  • Deploy the installer with GPOs, script, or any third-party package deployment solution.

For MacOS 

  • Axiad WebPCSC is installed via a .pkg file.  There are no custom installation options.
  • Install the package automatically using a script or an endpoint management solution.

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