Getting Started with Axiad Cloud
  • 15 Nov 2023
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Getting Started with Axiad Cloud

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What is Axiad Cloud?

Axiad Cloud is a comprehensive, secure, and efficient authentication platform that delivers on the promise of integrated authentication orchestration. It includes a suite of features and components your organization uses to centrally manage your workforce's identity devices, including Axiad AirLock, Axiad WebPCSC, the Axiad Portal Extension, MyIdentities, MyCircle, Help Desk, Reports, and Axiad ID.

As an Operator, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the different Axiad roles available prior to getting started. We also suggest you contact your purchasing department to determine your Axiad Cloud package. so you understand what features are included in your Axiad Cloud site.

Configuration and Deployment Prerequisites

Prior to accessing the Unified Portal (the main user interface of Axiad Cloud) to manage your Axiad-issued devices, your organization must complete the required Axiad Cloud prerequisites.

Your organization may have already completed these steps with the Axiad Customer Success team.
Required Prerequisites
For Windows machines Run the required local services for certificate-based credentials. The following services must run locally for successful smart card processing:
  • Certificate Propagation
  • Smart Card
  • Smart Card Removal Policy (optional)
For detailed documentation about running these services, see the following resources:
For connected devices (such as YubiKeys and smart cards)
  • Axiad WebPCSC: Install Axiad WebPCSC on your users' computers via GPOs, scripts, or any third-party package deployment solution
  • Axiad Portal Extension: Depending on your organization's installation policies, install the Axiad Portal Extensionon your users' chromium-based browser via GPOs, scripts, or any third-party package deployment solution.
    • Axiad WebPCSC and the Axiad Portal Extension only support standard configuration MSI options.
    • End users can install the Axiad Portal Extension and the Axiad ID mobile app themselves if your organization allows it.
Optional Prerequisites
Axiad AirLockFor Windows users, you can deploy Axiad AirLock 2.2 to machines to enforce and control the rollout of multi-factor authentication in your environment.
Axiad ID mobile appYou can deployAxiad ID mobile app to user mobile devices via a Universal Endpoint Management solution or a Mobile Device Management solution, or individual users can download it to their device via the App Store or Google Play Store.
Axiad PKI as a Service Clients: For Axiad PKIaaS package deployment options, contact the Axiad Customer Success team.

User and Device Management Options

As an Operator, inside of our Unified Portal, you have access to the Help Desk pages, where you can enroll and manage your organization's issued devices, tokens, certificates, and users. There are three Help Desk pages available to Operators. You can:

  • enroll a permanent or a replacement device for a user in your organization on the Users page.
  • perform bulk actions across multiple devices on the Devices page.
  • connect one or more devices to your machine and use the Scanner page to view device details and manage the lifecycle of any devices that are issued via Axiad.
You may not see all actions for users and devices on your Help Desk pages, as actions are available based on device, certificate, and/or your Operator tier permissions.

You also have access to all End User features and functions, such as:

  • the MyIdentities page, where you can add or enroll your own identity devices and tokens, renew your certificates, reset device PINs, and more.
  • the MyCircle page where, if enabled, you can assist coworkers in your circle of trust with account recovery.

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