Welcome to Axiad Cloud for End Users
  • 04 May 2023
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Welcome to Axiad Cloud for End Users

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What is Axiad Cloud?

Axiad Cloud is a solution that centrally manages your authentication devices and certificates in a comprehensive, secure, and efficient authentication platform. With Axiad Cloud, you can access the Unified Portal to manage your authentication devices and certificates, and, if enabled, access MyCircle to assist in your coworkers' account recovery.

Axiad Cloud supports YubiKeys, Windows Hello for Business, smart cards, one-time push notifications, and more. We also offer a mobile authenticator app, Axiad ID, to authenticate your sign-ins across the Web.

What is the Unified Portal?

The Unified Portal is the main user interface to the Axiad Cloud platform, where you can easily manage your authentication devices and certificates, and, if enabled on your site, assist colleagues in account recovery.

What is Axiad ID?

Axiad ID is Axiad's mobile authenticator app that providesa seamless way for you to authenticate into various corporate applications

The app generates a code that provides one factor of authentication for your multi-factor authentication requirements. When you sign into a site that requires multi-factor authentication, one of your identification factors can be a six-digit code automatically generated by the Axiad ID mobile authenticator app. You send a request to the Axiad ID app from the site, and once the app receives the request and you approve it, it generates a one-time code for you to enter.

If your organization uses Axiad ID as one of their authentication methods, you can leverage the Axiad ID Push Notification Authentication (PNA) to sign into a corporate application. When you try to sign into your enterprise application, a request is sent to your Axiad ID app on your mobile device. Approving it authenticates your credentials and allows you to sign in.

You can also use this app to provide an extra layer of security while authenticating to third-party websites like Gmail, Yahoo, Amazon, and more. You can generate event-based one-time passwords (HOTP) or time-based one-time passwords (TOTP), which you can use to authenticate to these applications.

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